Saturday, September 1, 2007

Rings and Things

In the next several days since our dinner, Andrevo and I spent a lot of time together, riding, hunting...getting to know each other better. I wanted to conjure something so we could communicate better, without being overheard, and thought it might be nice to put it in the engagement ring. Less noticeable that way. I didn't want to be too...obvious though, and while I tried to hint at the subject, eventually I just had to be blunt and ask him if he was planning on giving me an engagement ring. I told him of my plans, which he liked, but he wished to keep our rings, and their significance, separate. I told him I would find some other piece of jewelry to work with instead. I also asked him about Joan...perhaps he would know of some what I could make amends, or mollify her. He, unfortunately, directed me to Agnes or Ambrose. I had already talked to Agnes, and she could say nothing. I suppose that left Ambrose to ask.

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