Saturday, September 1, 2007


I came upon what I could only assume to be Masamba sitting to a large, grey...thing that he appeared to be talking to. I made myself known, and Masamba turned around, changing into his normal form. I told him what had transpired so far, and that I needed to return to the Golden Circle to retrieve my troops, and the armor and the jewel. Samba told me about the creatures attacking chaos, and I asked to observe them, so that I could observe their tactics. he told me that I should meet with his half-brother, Nax, and we went out towards the front.
Nax had a tent set up at his forward command post, and as the two of us entered the tent, I saw him cover up several maps before turning to see who it was. When he and his commanders finally saw us, however, it was an entirely different story. They immediately bowed, and Nax told Samba to bow as well. Not at all the reception I expected. I asked them to rise and looked to Masamba, who explained that several of the houses of Chaos worshiped Amberites, and that his house Something I would need to keep in mind. I looked over the plans with Nax, who was not lacking in the tactical department, then observed some of the fighting. After my observations, Samba and I headed out.
On our way back to Amber, we decided we should try and seek out the missing Amberites...Rose, Sato, and Siobhan. I started with Siobhan. The path immediately started to lead us back to Chaos, and eventually came to a stop at the edge of the Abyss. I tried Rose and Sato, and they both led in this direction. I had heard of using the Pattern to gain insight into a situation, so I tried to bring up a picture of it in my mind, to see if it would shed light. As I was concentrating, Samba let out a yell. I turned, and he was being attacked by three of the abyssal creatures we had seen earlier. They had scored one hit on him, and torn away a large part of his body. I sprung to defend him, and took the three down quickly with my guns.
Samba and I talked briefly, and I decided to try to bring the pattern to mind again. Thankfully, this time, Samba was on the look out. A portal opened, and out came several of the Abyssal creatures, along with a fiery creature riding a demon horse, carrying a flaming ax. After quickly assessing the new creature's skill, I realized it was more than a match for me, and jumped into the car, ordering Samba inside as well. We took off, him driving as I shifted shadow before us. We quickly lost the minor creatures, but the large one was gaining on us. We continued on, the creature continuing to gain. It got close to us, and started swinging at the car, easily passing through the steel with its weapons. Finally, Samba and I realized the only way either one of us was going to get out was if we split. I stopped the car and we jumped out, one in each direction. The creature left Samba alone, and began to chase after me. I was quickly running out of options, barely able to fend off its blows. I wouldn't be able to last for long.
Desperate for anything, I frantically reached into my pocket, picking out the first card I could find, and crying out to it with all my will, but I wasn't reaching anyone. Suddenly, the creature stopped. Reaching into my pocket, I saw the card I had grabbed was my own. I stood, pondering what to do next. If I let up on the trump contact, it was sure to be the death of me, but I could not manipulate the shadow and maintain the trump contact with myself at the same time. Maybe I could wait it out. We stood, facing each other down, for hours. And hours. I lost track of time, forcing my aching body to continue to stand through sheer willpower alone. Suddenly, a screech sounded in the sky, and a fireball burst forth, slamming into the creature. The fireball exploded upon impact, and the creature was momentarily stunned. Seeing my opportunity, I ran, shifting myself through shadow back to the closest place I could think of, the Courts of Chaos. I managed to make my way back to Samba's home, no creature in sight, before falling, exhausted.

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