Saturday, September 1, 2007


I had a couple of things to take care of before dinner with Andrevo, as well as shopping. I went searching for Masamba, and was told he had gone to Amber. I trumped there, and after some searching, found him in the library. We discussed Sato's plan, and that Samba had brought Vinn to Amber. It seemed Samba was now more in favor of Otanashi. While we were discussing it, I went and got a new card of me for my trump deck (after giving mine to Nax, a move Samba thought was disastrous), and Samba got a new deck. When we came out of the room, we noticed that Vinn was there. I tried to ask Vinn why he was in Amber, and what he thought of the current situation, but he tended to skate around the issue. He did mention that he heard the Queen and I were very close, a rumor I thought odd. No one should know about my training, and Vinn would give me no information on where he obtained the idea. As we discussed it more, I realized it might have simply come about from my possession of the Jewel. When that came up, we decided to go and check on the other 'crown jewels.' The treasury was guarded by Paki's men, and contained only the crown. We were told that Fionn still possessed the Pattern Blade, and the Jewel was missing. This statement that the jewel was missing only peaked my curiosity about the rumor, as Vinn said it came from a servant, but Paki's men were probably not the type to spread rumors.
With business attended to for the time being, I made arrangements to have lunch with Agnes the next day, and went to find a dress I would be interested in duplicating.

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