Saturday, September 1, 2007


After my meeting with Paki, a messenger found me, delivering a missive.

"Dearest Juliette,

I thank you for your hospitality and hope the day greets you with pleasure. Unfortunately business takes me elsewhere. The business is something we both will be facing soon, and I am attending to bases either not yet covered, or one I must cross in the near future. I am not good at metaphors. I have left you a medicine as a parting gift. Be careful with it, a small dose should be more than enough to fix whatever ails you. Or, barring that, enough that you won’t care anymore. I hope you like grape. I will see you before events unfold. Hopefully.



Attached was a vial of clear liquid, smelling faintly of grape. Not able to contact my cohort directly, I pulled out my card for Naxx. I had a simple message for him. "If you see your brother, please tell him I said to be careful, and I expect to see him in one piece."

When I returned to Dubrovnik, Andrevo sought me out as well. "What is your familiarity with the Courts of Chaos?"
"Why do you ask?" Did he know of my visits there?
"I may need to visit there and wish to know of it."
"I can take you there is you need to go. I have been there before, and have allies there. It is, if you'll pardon me, chaotic. And, at the moment, dangerous. Is there anything in particular you wish to know? I could probably find out if I didn't already know." I didn't want him going there along. It had been all I had, and luck too, which survived my encounter with Dierdre there. I did not wish to see it again.
"Why so dangerous more so now? I have just never conceived that I'd have to travel there; so am almost wholly ignorant on it."
"They are under attack by the creatures from the Abyss. I have been attacked myself while traveling there. Honestly, I would prefer you not travel there alone. At least, if you insist on going alone, let me offer you a shortcut."
"I have no plan to go there at all; but things may change and it won't be some rogues solo expedition."
"Thank you. I first met Diedre on a trip there..."
"With our vehemence against the agents of chaos in Amber; how do they treat known Amberites?"
I smiled. Now there was a question with an unexpected answer. "I was wary my first visit there, but it seems they have somewhat of a...hero worship, I suppose, among many of the Houses. I have not been accosted by a member of the Courts during my visits there, just agents of Brand." I thought for a moment. Maybe I could give him Naxx's...card. "Can you copy a trump?"
"That may be useful if we need to go there." While we were talking, I might as well bring up the thing that had been on my mind. "I had a question for you as well, dear. Would you accompany me to Amber for the meeting?"
"Yes. I'd be upset if I couldn't."
I smiled. "I wasn't sure if you had other plans."
"Nothin as pressing."
"I don't suppose you would be willing to tell me who will be judging for your family?"
"I will be."
Why not Agnes, or Joan? Still... "Good to hear."

After we finished our talk, I trumped Naxx again. He must be getting tired of me. As I asked, he told me of the house who held Andrevo in their high esteem, and the relationship of their house to his.

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