Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Aftermath

I woke up laying in the dark. As I tested my body to see where the excruciating pain was coming from, I noticed that that my arms were chained to the bed. Obviously, the noise of my movement had notified someone, as a window in the door opened, a guard shouted, "She's awake!" and it quickly shut again. Soon, the lights came on, and I could asses my situation better. I was lying in a stark white room, on a gurney. Various tubes and monitors were attached, and I was indeed secured to the bed. What I could see of my body was covered with open wounds. Shortly after the lights came up, Fionn entered the room.

I don't remember everything in detail. The pain was exquisite and the drugs they were using were not helping. He was apologetic, and said that he didn't think that I was going to join their side. I would not regain my lands, but he asked what I would want in exchange to swear allegiance to him. I know at some point he offered me Ambrose's navy, and I accepted. I even admitted to him that I really didn't' have a whole lot of choice in the matter, and that guided my decision. We also discussed my injuries. Joan had not appreciated the measure I took to protect her sister, and decided she would take my leg in exchange. Only with Fionn's help had she not killed me. Fionn didn't think that they would be able to do anything, but he would offer whatever help he could. Eventually, our conversation petered off, and he had me moved to a situation that better fitted my station, as a Princess of Amber, and not a prisoner. My belongings were returned to me, including my trumps. I tried to contact Andrevo and Masamba, but found that I could not reach Masamba, and Andrevo's card was hot...unusable like all of his family, and all others who were not in Amber now.

Eathon came in soon afterwards, and while assisting the doctors, told me what had happened in more detail. Joan had released primal Chaos within Amber, which stunned all of us. She then proceeded to attack me, but Fionn was able to recover enough to save me and drive her off. Unfortunately, they had discovered the statues Joan was working on lately were, in fact, demons she had taken to Amber, and the release of Chaos had released them from the prison the Pattern put them in. There was open fighting in the halls of Castle Amber.

I spent the next several days recovering from my injuries. I determined that I could heal my more mundane injuries myself, but would have to replace the leg. Empowered, and then walked through the Pattern, it would be the most effective. Working with Fionn, I manufactured an artificial leg, which I then empowered. I also made arrangements to speak with Agnes. I had to get a message to Andrevo, and it was the only way I could think of. Fionn agreed to let me speak to Agnes on the condition that I take someone with me, and that she still be alive when I finished. I decided to speak to Eathon first, to see if he would accompany me. He insisted that I not torture here, and I told him I had no intention of doing so. I told him the reason I wanted to talk to her was to deliver a message to my fiance, Andrevo, to let him know that I was still alive. Eathon volunteered that Paki, being more level-headed, would probably be able to restrain Agnes without hurting her as much. I thanked him, and told him I would see if Paki would do it.
When I went to Paki, he agreed to help me, I think out of remorse to some extent. We went to where Agnes was being held, drugged so that she couldn't make contact with her family, or escape. They relaxed her drugs somewhat, and Paki began to concentrate, obviously bringing the Pattern to mind. I spoke with her, telling her that I was sure her family would attempt to contact her, and asking her to deliver a message: To tell my fiance, Andrevo, that I was alive, and that I still had his engagement gift, and would see him again if things changed. She did not seem to understand at first, and babbled about missing her parents. She then asked me to repeat the message, which I did, carefully. After I finished, her eyes cleared and she told me it had been delivered. Paki immediately ordered them to drug her again, and soon she was once again stupefied. After I talked with Agnes, Paki said that he would have to report what I had said to Fionn, and asked if I wished assistance in escaping. I told him that I had no need to do so, as that part of my life was over. He seemed remorseful at taking my lands, and volunteered that something similar had happened with him, and it "had been done to you, as it was done to me."

The next day, I arranged an audience with Fionn. I asked him if Paki had reported to him, and how that affected our relationship. He answered that I had to know that whatever I had with Andrevo was over, and that he would punish me severely should he think that I was not loyal, but he would accept my word at its value. That night, I walked the Pattern. When I reached the center, I went to Masamba.

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