Saturday, September 1, 2007

Return and Rescue

I arrived in Dubrovnik, and Andrevo immediately had his servants attend to Agnes. I took the chance to explore the city while Andrevo saw to Agnes. When I returned, we talked for a bit, getting to know each other a little better. We were interrupted when I received a trump call from Rose. She was with Masamba and Eathon, and asked me to bring them through. We did, and Masamba explained that when he walked the pattern, he went to Sato, and found him, along with Rose and Siobhan, captured in the Abyss. He was able to rescue Rose, and that was when they trumped me. He also told me what had happened at the Pattern. Some creature had won free, and it was that part that spilled his blood on the Pattern. We explained the situation in Amber, and determined that the others needed to be rescued as well, but first the fighting needed to stop in Amber.
Getting our things together, we headed for Amber at the head of my troops. The men were falling over Rose as we traveled, and she was falling all over Andrevo's horse, a singing monstrosity. We proceeded through Forest Arden, and up to the Castle, where we each went to calm our respective factions. Rose spoke with Fionn, who eventually gave up his idea of being King. Andrevo spoke with Agnes, and brought her to meet with the rest of us. I went to the port, and stopped the fighting between the Navies. Joan would only accept begging from Fionn, so we decided Masamba would change to be him, and he went to put on a show for Joan. After the fighting had been stopped, we got together to determine how to rescue the others. It was decided Agnes would cast a spell to rescue them, which I would conjure an item to hold. Eathon would then be able to actually use the spell once we got to the edge of the Abyss. Eathon, Fionn, Masamba and I would go, so Masamba and I could keep off whatever showed up to stop us while Eathon cast the spell.
When we got there, however, things were very different. An army had amassed on the edge, lead by the fiery creature Rose informed us was Dierdre. We contact Nax, and he brought his army there to help provide a distraction. I maintained contact with Andrevo as we dove in. Unfortunately, Dierdre and her army started to prove the best of us. Try as we might, we couldn't hold her off long enough for Eathon to cast the spell. I talked to Andrevo, and told him we would need Rose's help. He managed to convince her, and she arrived, proving to be a match for Dierdre. As she held Dierdre off, we managed to keep the other forces off of Eathon, and he cast the spell. A bubble came forth, and floated from the Abyss, setting down Siobhan, Sato, Paki, and Ambrose. Paki immediately began to attack Masamba, and I tried to protect him. I was able to keep him from getting too beat up, although with a single word, he was able to break the contact I had with Andrevo. Andrevo then proceeded to pull everyone through, leaving Rose and I for last. Rose pushed Dierdre back, going through to Amber, and I followed before she was able to recover.
When we returned, Fionn and I began to see to Siobhan, but she was already regaining her strength. Taking her up to her room, I explained what happened to the pattern, and when she asked about the jewel, I told her I had it. I gave it to her, telling her that I would want it back, as I had made a promise to the Queen. We (Fionn, Siobhan, and I) then headed down to the Pattern room, stopping to get the rest of the group. It was a beautiful sight, watching Siobhan retrace the Pattern, and I was filled with awe. When she was done, she handed the jewel back to me, in front of everyone, provoking some...strange reactions. We soon broke up, all going our separate ways.

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